Yedinci Kıta

March 3 – April 15 2011

Pg Art Gallery is proud to present a group show titled “The Seventh Continent”at its new venue.

Is there a possibility for another world? How can a person turn his world upside down and then create the world that he always wanted? Or rather, can he?

In his film, “The Seventh Continent,” Haneke deals with the emotionally frozen urban individual, lost in his daily routine, while triggering the viewer to reminsce about the image of a different world and the consequent nostalgia. “The Seventh Continent” is a story of people whose individual identities are stolen by the city. In the life that becomes a painful illusion, we observe our own obliteration, our meaning, our purpose—with every scene, anonymizing…

In Pg Art Gallery’s new space in Tophane, five artists working in a variety of media take this cult film as a starting point and question submission to the modern life. Trying to avoid conformism with their works, Ali Dolanbay, Kemal Tufan, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Reysi Kamhi and Roeki Symons focus on whether it is possible to go through the perfect, regular labyrinths of life and find an alternative world. They create the seventh continent and form the memory of a world that is immaterial. Mimicing the scene in the film when the past is eradicated, they ask “Can the individual leave all identities behind, formulate the idea for an alternative space and retreat to nature?”

Art becomes new channel on the “Seventh Continent,” reminding us of our living. Emphasized is the modern individual’s wish to go to another world and break through the frozen, obscured life. The artists attempt to create alternatives and new breathing spaces in a post-modern world where everything is undefined. An alternative world is described, proposed through art, based on our current life, filled with illusions, abstracted from “holy” purposes and becoming exponentially pointless.

Yedinci Kıta, Ali Şimşek, Birgün

Yedinci Kıta, Ali Şimşek, Birgün