June – July 2014

Pg Art Gallery will be bringing nine artists together in its newest exhibition. Tayfun Akdemir, Ceyda Aykan, Basako, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Seçil Erel, Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, Devran Mursaloğlu, Özge Topçu and Kemal Tufan will be presenting a context of their formalist approaches rather then a foundation based on narration.
The medium of the artworks varies significantly such as experimental forms produced for architectural reasons, collages merging drawings and photographs or digital graphic sculptures. The exhibition is based on the idea of comparing the methodic qualities of the ways of approaching the image. Especially the ones prioritize the spatial aspects; emphasize the concept of “structure” both in terms of art and architecture.
The artworks that cannot be directly called as ready image, representational narration or abstract, are hinting their linguistic qualities and sharing the various methods of deforming the stylistic material, production sensibilities and their way of interpreting space.