Printed ’17 “The Multiplier Effect”

Mixer’s Printed series, whereby the gallery aims to make are more accessible, continues in 2017 with “The Multiplier Effect”!
May 5 - June 10, 2017

Artists: Abidin Dino, Ahmet Sarı, Ayça Telgeren, Ayşe Gül Süter, Burhan Doğançay, Çağlar Kanzık, CANAN, Canan Tolon, Cemil Batur Gökçeer, Elif Özen, Ferruh Başağa, Gülsün Karamustafa, Güneş Bulut Yılmaz, Hale Oppenheimer, Hasan Özgür Top, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Huo Rf, İnci Eviner, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Larissa Araz, Murat Balcı, Murat Germen, Nazif Topçuoğlu, Ömer Uluç, Özge Enginöz, Rasim Aksan, Seçkin Pirim, Sena, Siavash Kheirkah, Sinan Demirtaş, Tiraje Dikmen, Volkan Aslan, Yasemin Özcan, Yaşam Şaşmazer, Yuşa Yalçıntaş

The 2017 selection, which brings together works from modern as well as contemporary masters, has been put together by Eda Kehale Argün. Kehale herself studied Printmaking at Northwestern University’s Art Department. In Printed ‘17 “The Multiplier Effect”, Mixer focuses on making noteworthy artists accessible to a wider audience. By including works spanning 30 years and a wide range of media in the selection, Kehale aspires to share with the audience the ‘multiplier effect’ of editioned artworks in different dimensions of art.

Printed ‘17 “The Multiplier Effect” offers a wide selection of techniques from photographs and videos to artistic prints, including serigraphy and linoleum among others. The preliminary objective of the show is presenting artworks with more accessible prices to wider audiences.

“10 Concrete mixer trucks and a bulldozer”, 2016, 10 x 10 cm (11 pieces), c-print, mounted on aluminium, plexiglas frame

"These works are a different version of the series I have done with livestock. On those series I rendered the same animal model with patterns of different species. Here, too, the same concrete mixer truck has variations in different colors. Basically, I try to look at industrial production from the window of biological diversity; creating a link between cultural and biological signs."

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