Composition on relations (2011)

In his selected videos “Minor Perceptions”, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar points out a quiet motion. The velocity and slowness relations of the images reveal the “minor perceptions”. The video works that want to feature a spectator who hears the action before motion itself in a sense are making us perceive a motion smaller than small in another sense. In the video named “An Opening Ceremony For a Public Statue”, the harmony and motion are interacting with each other, engaged in a power relationship, a relation of ‘capturing’, with each other. In the works called “Fan Without Propeller” and “A Music Video For a Requiem”, the space stands out, while the action shows itself silently. The perceptions, on the other hand, appear each time as “minor perceptions”.

-Ali Akay, 2015

“Minor Perceptions”, 2015, Sekerbank Acik Ekran