September 6 – September 25 2014

Pg Art Gallery is bringing five artists together in its first exhibition of the season. The show titled “Anomaly” is featuring Basako, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Melis Buyruk, Yonca Karakaş and Ayşe Gül Süter and it focuses on the usage of personal narration and figuration in the perception and interpretation process of the outer reality.

Anomaly presents humorous, tragicomic and ironic facts while distorting the historical information with the artists’ biographies or constituting a reality through complete fantasy. Each artist uses his or her own method combining mediums such as pastiche, illustration, graphic and visualization.

Relating the manipulation of the reality to the artist’s interpretation process gives clues to the viewers about how the daily inputs are filtered in the mind of the artists’ and how they are recreated during the interpretation through the artworks. Reshaping, getting weird, breaking down of the space, object and the body, contradictions, viral reproductions, not satisfying the expectations and the collapsing of the normal enables us to understand and analyze our imaginary reflexes regarding the outer world.

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